Inspectors – Highs and Lows.

It is always a great privilege to read the daily Inspectors reports to see what they have got up to over the last 24 hours.  I never cease  to be amazed and impressed.

Most people would be completely unaware  of  what some of the rescues entail and the incredible dedication the Inspectorate team members have  towards their duties and the   welfare of animals.

There was a couple of reports that jumped out at me this morning.  The first is what you do when you have a report of a cat stuck inside  the large neon sign of a restaurant.  Our Superintendent Bobby Wong solved that one!…only to discover and disturb  a very non stressed cat who had found his own private retreat away from the bustle of city life…one which they later learned he used on a regular basis!

The second was an interesting and rather strange case of abandonment.  Everybody assumes abandonment mostly relates to dogs and cats, but this sizable abandonment in Yue  Man Square, reported to us by   patrolling Police  early in the morning, goes to show that there is a wide range of animals that are subject to their owners’ whims.  In this case, 16 hamsters and two Love Birds (cages and all!) were taken back to our Kowloon Centre for checking and if they are lucky, re-homing.

This example serves as a good reminder around this time of the year not to treat pets as presents….

If you have thought it right through and decided to add a pet to your family, why not check with us first before visiting a pet shop – you are likely to find that we have what you want – not only will you be helping an animal that needs help, but you’re likely to feel better too!