I feel I must mention this amazing rescue that took place on Sunday.  The building management of Tsuen Wan building called our Inspectorate about a distressed, wailing cat which was caught in a crack some 30 feet off the ground. It had been trapped there for two days.  The Management informed that there extended platform was under repair and that no workmen would return until Monday.  The Fire Services informed that their platform could not reach inside.

After re-grouping and some serious planning two Inspectors and returned early on the Sunday morning armed with everything they had at their disposal. Two more also came to help and after several hours of climbing, squeezing, and some precarious reaching, the fantastic team effort resulted in the frantic being finally cat.

It was carried down by an Inspector, however just as they reached the ground, it broke free, escaped and ran off!

It was a fantastic effort by all… for the cat; it would have been nice if she could have shown just a little more gratitude!