Recently there has been quite a bit of media interest on an animal welfare prosecution case that occurred last week involving multiple animals.
Lots of people are interested in the abused animal’s welfare which reflects the level of concern that the Hong Kong public have in such matters these days – there’s been fantastic change.

Only when you have been involved in such cases can you understand what they entail – dealing with often horrific situations and scenarios with dead, decaying, dying or suffering animals – attending to their welfare needs whilst documenting the case and collecting the evidence that is vital to effecting a successful prosecution.

These days we receive excellent support from the Police, AFCD, Fire Service and the Courts and there has been a huge change in the seriousness that is placed on animal abuse and the response of all concerned – all for the betterment of animals. However it is sometimes ironic that the animals that we all set out to help, can fall through the cracks as it were and end up remaining the victims long after the case is closed. Many such unfortunate animals can stay with us for a very long time. There are two such dogs still with us who definitely deserve some renewed attention.

I can only hope that as a result of the recent interest that someone may step forward and offer to adopt two quite special ex-prosecution case dogs; Ah Man or Gwai Gwai. Both of them are looking for homes.

Ah Man came to us in November 2009 – he’d been severely neglected – he had heartworm, was incredibly thin and had a severe skin problem (his companion wasn’t so lucky – she was found dead at the scene). In March his ex-owner was found guilty on 5 charges – 4 relating to cruelty offences and 1 to a licensing offence and as Ah Man was released to our custody we were able to put , the now healthy fellow, into our adoption programme.

Gwai Gwai was seized from a suspected illegal hawker in Yuen Long who was also being investigated for cruelty offences – luckily for Gwai Gwai, who has a wonderful mellow character, his purported owner gave him up to our care and so is also now waiting for his second chance.
Sometimes people ask “Why doesn’t the SPCA do more?” Often they’re just not aware of what has been done behind the scenes. In cases like Ah Man’s and Gwai Gwai’s, the final step is always finding that special kind hearted person or family, to come forward and provide them a loving home – enabling us to help more needy animals.

Ah Man  

Gwai Gwai