Thinking of adopting a dog soon?  – Heres a way to also become in involved in a ground breaking and very worthwhile study.

Hong Kong University approached us some months back about a study they were making into the benefits of dog ownership –

In particularly the health benefits arising from the extra exercise dog owners derive as well as the mental benefits of owning a canine companion.

You can read all about it on the following link:-
You will get up to HK$500 for joining the study!
參加這個項研究有機會獲得高至HK$500 獎金! 

It’s a hugely interesting project and one which hopefully will have an important impact on dog ownership for many years to come; But the fact is they are desperately seeking volunteers to take part.  They need to be able to measure  ones level of activity before owning a dog and then the activity levels after  owning.  Its non invasive and the data is obtained through a small sophisticated  device. – its easy and  a really great thing to be involved in.

If you can help the Hong Kong University would love to hear from you – again please access the researchers directly through the  above link.

…and as you can see there’s even a small cash incentive – enough for a few months dog food!!