Diamond Hill Cemetery – Injured Dog Recovered

Many of you may be familiar with the distressing case of a badly injured dog in the Diamond Hill Cemetery.


For a few days the dog, which was seen by the Cemetery staff with a horrendous leg injury, proved to be elusive until he was finally caught last Tuesday ? by our Inspectorate team.

The inspectors took “Wong Jai” immediately to our 24-hr Wanchai hospital where he was examined by our vet team; blood samples were taken and the wound cleaned. He was made comfortable and stabilised overnight with intravenous fluids, painkillers and antibiotics. The cause of this immense suffering was, amazingly, a common rubber band wrapped tightly around his upper leg.  The wound itself was badly infected and the lower leg extremely swollen. The leg, which was effectively dead and full of maggots , was unable to be saved and posed a life threatening risk due to the chance of infection spreading through the blood.

The next morning our surgical team, lead by Dr. Gillian Hung amputated “Wong Jai’s” right front leg. They did a wonderful job and after a worrying day yesterday of  Wong Jai looking depressed, and not eating our vet nursesgot to work preparing an irresistible dish of Cha Siu and chicken cooked rice.  Everyone was relieved and extremely happy at seeing the shiny empty bowl left behind!

Today, ‘Wong Jai’ is up and has enjoyed a very brief walk in our exercise pen. He coped fantastically!

What follows now is some monitoring, some assessment and then hopefully he will make his way down the corridor to our Adoption Centre.

I’m guessing, but I think he would like to thank everyone for their concern!